How to Quickly Move From an Apartment to a Family Home

Most people find it difficult to move out of an apartment and into a permanent home as quickly as they'd like, but some have particular urgency in their search. Whether it's the growth of the family, a toxic landlord or just the innate desire to break ties and own your own land, the months-long process just isn't fast enough for some folks.

If you need to move quickly, here are a few tips to get you from the apartment complex to a family home as fast as possible:

Find a Real Estate Agent

A real estate broker or agent has a wealth of resources. If you need help with down-payment assistance, want to find a deal in a specific area or need out of your apartment now, then your agent is the go-to person. He or she can tap into a vast group of property investors and agents in the local network, helping you find properties before they go on the market or narrowing your search down to homes that match your criteria from the get-go. This is especially helpful when you're in a hurry, as it allows you to skip the obvious rejects and quickly set up tours with the truly promising options.

Get Pre-Approved

Gathering documents and applying for down-payment assistance or a loan for the mortgage takes time. Instead of waiting until you're ready to move, you can begin the process months sooner. By the time you're packed up and ready to get out of your lease, the underwriting and inspections can be in the works to get you out on time. Conventional mortgages require a down payment in most cases, so getting your loan pre-approved also means that you know the cost and mortgage rate before you go hunting for the perfect home. In this case, you don't have to turn down a house you spent months looking at just to find out that you can't afford it.

Talk to New-Home Builders

Sometimes, developers have incentives and plans to help you find your path to homeownership. These types of companies will generally have homes being developed all year round and will quickly be able to fit you with a house that suits your move-in timeline. These homes are generally pricier, but they also tend to be larger and in more desirable locations. Many developments will also be renting homes, which is worth considering if you don't yet have the budget to make mortgage payments yet.

Buy Fully Furnished

If you want to save even more time, then you can cut out the buying and selling of furniture and get a home that comes pre-furnished. These homes can be a bit pricier as well, but come with high-quality appliances and furnishings that were chosen and arranged by a professional interior designer. This can save a lot of time and moving costs, and it means that your home is ready to move into at a moment's notice. This is a good option to consider when you're in a hurry, especially if you aren't bringing a lot of your own furniture from your apartment.

Planning ahead for moving is important to speed up the process. Take the time to prepare the financial paperwork in advance and find someone willing to sell quickly. With the help of professionals, it's possible to significantly shorten the amount of time it takes to move into your own family home.

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